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Interview met de perserij van Celest Oil

Olijfolie is een traditioneel mediterraan product dat al meer dan 3000 jaar wordt geproduceerd en dat ook in Nederland steeds meer verkocht wordt. De productie van kwalitatief hoogwaardige olijfolie staat echter onder druk waar heel verschillende factoren een rol inspelen, die veelal niet bekend zijn bij de gebruikers.In dit interview…


Fruits and weeds

At the beginning of April the olive trees were full of blossom. Now 6 weeks later in mid-May 2020, fruiting has started and can already be seen clearly. The mild weather of March was interspersed with heavy rain showers so that the trees had the chance to absorb all the rainwater and...


Soil milling olive groves

At the beginning of April is the time that we work the land with the tiller. Several things are achieved by milling the top layer. The soil is made very loose, so that a lot of air enters the ground and water can easily reach deep into the soil. This is good for the ...


The new crop is growing early this year

The new crop is growing early this season. Normally, the the buds start growing again in the spring, after hibernation, for the next harvest season. Winters in our region can be just as cold as in Northern Europe, whereby frost and snow are certainly not unknown. In Spain it is just ...


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