About Celest Oil

Celest Oil

Celest Oil is a family business. With passion we produce olive oil of excellent quality. All this is done from the Albaida Valley, Valencia region in Spain. Pure nature and without toxins is our characteristic.

Celest Oil has an olive orchard on our own land which is managed by us. In addition we also manage a number of other orchards in the region.

The olive oil we produce is created by working as close as possible to nature. We don't use toxins on the trees or in the ground. In the processing of the orchards, manual labour is mainly used and where necessary we use machinery for tillage. The picking is done completely manually with a vibration machine and then the trees are plucked bare by hand.

We use a fairly early pick from late October to mid-December, not many olives will have fallen off then. The mixture consists of olives of almost ripe olives(green-red in color) and of ripe olives(blue-black in color).
The same day the olive are picked, the olives are processed at the local press office in seperate batches so we can guarantee the highest quality. The pressing takes place at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius, this low temperature ensures that all the good properties of the oil are preserved.

In the olive orchards, 3 different varieties of trees are used, namely:

  • Arbequinas
  • Gordal
  • Blanqueta’s

These varieties all have excellent qualities and give a very nice and rich smell and taste with a little sharpness at the back. The production proces is described in detail on another page.

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