Cold tapas shelf

Cold tapas shelf

koude tapas plank

A cold tapas plate is a delicious collection of small snacks that you can serve with a drink as a small meal, as a starter or just because you feel like tasty small bites. If you want to put in more effort, you can of course also serve warm tapas with it, but we'll get back to you later.

These tapas consist of:

  • goat cheese with a piece of spring onion
  • slices of manchego cheese
  • olives with oregano, thyme and fresh ground black pepper and a dash of extra virgin olive oil
  • filled puff pastry bun
This can of course be supplemented with all kinds of other small snacks and snacks. Experiment and enjoy

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extra virgin olive oil - cold warm tapas - olives - manchego - goat cheese - filled puff pastry sandwich 

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